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Communications Coordinator

Call for nominations:

The Executive Board of the Idaho Science Teaching Association (ISTA) hereby formally opens nominations for the position of Communications Coordinator. The position is open effective immediately. All nominations must come in the form of a letter of interest from a member or potential member of the ISTA sent to the President ( As such, the member must be a current or former science Educator. The nomination window will close on Wednesday, March 22nd. This vacancy will be filled by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee at an asynchronous virtual board meeting to be held on Friday, March 24th.

The position of Communications Coordinator is a non-voting position on the Executive Board of the Association and will fulfill the remainder of the current coordinator’s term which will expire at the annual conference in August but may be re-elected to a 2-year team (elected in odd-numbered years) at that time if interested. The Communications Coordinator may hold no other position on the Executive Board during their term in office as Communications Coordinator. This is a paid position and will be stipended at a rate of $35 per hour for their work on Association-related communication.

The main duties of this position include but are not limited to: creating and actively maintaining the website of the Idaho Science Teaching Association under the direction of the President, coordinating with the President the distribution of pertinent information through monthly newsletters and regular postings to social media platforms, collecting membership information/fees from website, maintaining a current membership list, attending and reporting on membership at regularly scheduled board meetings, and collecting fees from conference vendors and attendees from the ISTA website.

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