FREE PD- HS Science and Biology

Dear valued high school science and biology teachers,

I am pleased to announce an upcoming event that could greatly benefit your students in learning about wildlife science and conservation within Idaho. Wildlife conservation and management is an exciting and important field within the state, and it is our hope you and your students will find this learning opportunity valuable. Indeed, we hope this outreach and education opportunity will serve our profession well as your students will likely control the future of wildlife conservation in Idaho and beyond.

The Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society is a professional organization for wildlife biologists that has been promoting wildlife management and conservation since 1964. Our members consist of biologists from around the state, including those with state and federal agencies, universities (both faculty and students), non-profit organizations, and independent consultants. Many undergraduate and graduate students that have been a part of our chapter go on to be wildlife professionals. As part of our education and outreach campaign, we encourage any students who are interested in or thinking about this field to explore their options for college and become engaged in wildlife management.

Our chapter holds an annual conference each year which is normally an in-person meeting where wildlife professionals get together to attend presentations, review scientific literature, and discuss wildlife research and management within the state. Due to covid, our 2021 conference will be held virtually which has provided us an exciting opportunity to offer our conference content to you free of charge to implement in your classrooms.

Our conference will be held February 22nd-February 25th and our theme for this year is “Technology and the Evolution of Wildlife Science”. There will be access to presentations, posters, theme speakers, fish and wildlife film festival videos, and much more. For example, I strongly recommend the University of Idaho Film Festival content as an interesting and accessible platform to teach your students about applied ecological research and the wildlife profession.

Also, all presentation sessions will be made “On-Demand” after the conference which means that they can be viewed online at your convenience. This allows you as an educator to view the material and determine what is most suitable for your classes. Better yet, access to this content will be available up to one year after the conference, and thus the materials can be used over longer time scales.

If you are interested in attending or accessing the conference contents, below is the link to the registration page. There is no charge for high school educators. While on the registration page there will be an “Enter Code” button. Click on this link and enter: “Wildlife2021” as the promo code. This will bring a free “Outreach Ticket” onto your screen, which can be used to register for the event free of charge.

Once registered you will be able to access all conference content and activities through either a traditional computer web browser via the web app, or from your phone using a freely downloadable app developed for this event:

Again, thanks for your invested service in the education of Idaho’s youth. We hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity to further the ecological and biological education of your students.

Kind Regards,

Duston Cureton

ICTWS President

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