ISTEM Needs Summer Instructors

Please read below for information on I-stem this summer.

In particular, we need to finalize 5 more strand providers by Friday January 15. If interested in creating your own strand please email Catherine Beals, Mathematics Coordinator for the Idaho State Department of Education at and see the attached application.

*The Institute will run for three days w/ 5 hours of instructional time allotted per day. There must be content to fill all 15 hours of instruction though it will be at the provider's discretion how to break up this time (w/ zoom calls, offline assignment, break-out discussions, etc.). We will also have general sessions throughout the week, so even though there is flexibility with how they fill their instruction time, we will have certain times for general sessions. We are still working out the detail but for example we might have general sessions at 9am, 1pm or 4 pm and instruction time is 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm each day.

*Each strand will provide a $200 kit for each participant. Kits will essentially be delivered to the hosting site and strand providers will assemble kits prior (if needed). More info to follow.

Institute Dates:

Jun 15-17 (w/ set-up & prep on Jun 14): LCSC, CSI, ISU

Jun 22-24 (w/ set-up & prep on Jun 21): CEI, CWI, NIC

*Each strand will have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 participants

*The Institute is virtual; however providers will be asked to teach out of their host site so that we can provide on-site videoconferencing technology and technical support.

*Providers must attend a mandatory online training for strand providers on Friday, February 26.

*We will need a title, targeted grade level, and one-paragraph (5-7 sentences) description outlining what participants can expect to take away from the strand no later than Friday January 15. This information will be used to advertise the strand to potential participants.

*All providers will also be expected to complete an application via our Community Grant Portal.

*Stipends for strand leads is $1850; and $650 for assistants.

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