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NSTA Crosscutting Concepts PD

Crosscutting Concepts: A Professional Book Study for K-12 Teachers and District Science Leaders

During this four-part NSTA book study that starts on May 13, speakers Jeffrey Nordine, Okhee Lee, and Tricia Shelton will explore the crosscutting concepts as one of the three dimensions described in the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards, and their critical role for science teaching and learning. Particular attention will be given to how the crosscutting concepts can serve as tools to make sense of phenomena and design solutions to problems, and how they can broaden access to science for all students.

During the series, speakers will explore and answer questions about the crosscutting concepts including:

What do Crosscutting Concepts look like in the classroom?

How does student understanding of Crosscutting Concepts develop over time (K-12)?

How do I integrate Crosscutting Concepts with Science and Engineering Practices and Disciplinary Core Ideas to support students in making sense of phenomena and solving problems?

How can I use Crosscutting Concepts as tools to broaden access to science for all students?

How do we assess students’ understanding of Crosscutting Concepts?

Helen Quinn, Joe Krajcik, and Brian Reiser will join for the first web seminar of the four-part NSTA series.

Register today at this link <>

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