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Plant the Moon Challenge

The Plant the Moon Challenge summer session is now open for applications! The program aims to encourage students to think about agriculture on other planets, and what we will need to grow food in Lunar and Martian soil. The students receive a pack of either Lunar regolith or Martian regolith and get to experiment with fertilizer and additives to determine how best to grow common crops! Find out about it more here:

Idaho Space Grant Consortium is FULLY FUNDING some Idaho participants (first come first serve)! It is an amazing opportunity for agriculture and space to mix! It is also a fun summer project for students looking to get their hands dirty in some Moon and Mars dirt.

The URL below is a link to the application you should use. This one is specific to the ISGC, so if you apply via this URL you will be on the list to fund. The application closes May 24th. Let Kristina Davenport know if you have any questions! or


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