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We need your help!

The Access and Opportunities EcosySTEM workgroup has developed a survey to help us get an understanding of issues and opportunities for K-12 students accessing STEM education across the state. This survey dives a bit deeper than our previous survey – looking into challenges and barriers to STEM, issues around equity and inclusion, and the state of technology/connectivity.

Please help us gather as much data as possible by sharing this message and link with teachers, library staff, and other educators in your network. It should only take about 10-15 minutes for them to complete and the deadline to submit information is February 15th!

Notethat at the end of the survey we will ask the name of the school/organization represented. This is an optional field, but we encourage you to provide this information as it will help us break the data out by region. Please know that the information will be kept anonymous and will only be used to help us understand differences across the state. Thank you for spreading the word!!


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