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region 2 resources

Idaho Fish and Game videos are a great resource for bring environments, habitats, and life science into your classroom.  Take a look here for Idaho resources:



University of Idaho Extension Office –  This is a great location for publications in the area of sciences and health.  Lots of great resources and helpful ideas to get students thinking about solutions to some of today’s challenges. 


One helpful link within this site is  Germ City -  There are helpful videos, posters, etc. about (for an example) hand-washing after playing with animals, success stories of reducing illness at schools, and lesson plan ideas to incorporate into your health education

The Idaho Geologic Survey is an excellent resource for maps, data (oil & gas, geothermal, groundwater, and mines & minerals, and lessons about earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, etc.  This is an incredible resource for meeting standards in Earth and Space Science and Physical Sciences.  Their Outreach and Education link provides materials from past resources, links to other Associations, Agencies, and Organizations each with their own lessons and educational opportunities. 


These sites can help you also prepare for special events, such as Earth Science Week (October 13 – 19, 2019) with a free toolkit (just pay shipping), a full range of classroom activities for all grade levels and a Geo-word of the day!


SEL, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories GRANT APPLICATION

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