Idaho Science Teachers Association

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Keynote Speakers

Adam Johnston
Plotting our diverse paths towards science and math learning

Learning is complicated, and I’m convinced that we don’t actually agree upon what it really means. This might be especially true in science and math. Learning takes place in multiple modes along multiple dimensions and with lots of different results, and many of us have experienced some of our best learning experiences outside of traditional classrooms or labs. I want to highlight and honor the role of personal experience and wonder in students’ learning. In particular, how do we take experiences that might occur on a performance stage, a city park, a small kitchen, or a vast desert and incorporate them into STEM learning for all? I’ll bring examples of these and other experiences for us to consider what teaching and learning means and could aspire to, in our classes and beyond.


Edward Burger
Lessons Today Having Life-Enhancing Consequences for Tomorrow: Inviting students to become even better versions of themselves

In this thought-provoking presentation, we will explore mindful life lessons that can be offered in all classes at all grade-levels that invite our students to flourish in and beyond their formal education. Dr. Burger will share some practical mindsets that allow students to think, create, and connect ideas more effectively. These practices hold the promise of transforming how our students will understand and make meaning of their lives and their world while also providing the infrastructure for them to thrive far into their future. There will even be a few entertaining opportunities for the audience to try some of these powerful mindsets through some frivolous puzzles having profound implications.

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